Pacitti Company


Alfonso Pacitti

12 Aug, 2013 10:52 am

Pacitti Company

Pacitti Company is a UK based ensemble of international theatre makers, live artists, visual artists, sound and film makers, researchers and technicians.

Convened in 1990 by Artistic Director Robert Pacitti, the Company has spent nearly two decades producing and touring an award winning body of radical new performance works worldwide. Pacitti Company also produce the SPILL Festival Of Performance, London's premiere biennale of experimental theatre and live art. 

Socially engaged and process led, Pacitti Company approaches performance making as investigation through research. Steadfast in its commitment to rigour and craft, the Company blends formal disciplines and techniques with social sciences and personal politic. This bespoke process enables Pacitti Company to serve audiences with works of vital artistic and cultural value, whilst always remaining accessible.

More information is available on the company website ===> here