Pacitti Country

The towns in which the early Pacitti families were born and from which they emigrated are located in the provinces of Molise and Lazio. The majority of Pacitti families originated from the towns of Cerasuolo, Filignano, Picinisco and Villa Latina. My own family originate from Cerasuolo and Villa Latina.

What's in a name?

The Italian surname Pacitti is of patronymic origin - it is derived from the personal name of the father of the original bearer of the name. In this case, the surname derives from the name Pacitto, a variant of Pace.
Pace derives from the Latin word ‘pax’ or ‘pacis’, which means ‘peace’.

Pacitti Genealogy

I have been able to discover early members of my Pacitti family line dating from the late 1600s. Explore the different family trees and discover what shaped these families of previous centuries.

Early Records

"Official" documents referring to Pacitti individuals takes them back to the mid 1600s. You can explore the wide range of BMD and Census records in this section.