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Alfonso Pacitti

March 2024

A Story of Tragedy

In July 1940, the Arandora Star sailed from Liverpool on what was to be her final voyage; transporting German, Austrian and Italian nationals who had been interned under 18B regulations and enemy prisoners of war to Canada.
Seven hundred and fifty men, the majority civilians were to perish.

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Victims and Survivors

It is now known that four hundred and forty two Italian male internees perished and two hundred and sixty four were rescued; a total of 706 individuals. Of those rescued, two hundred were subsequently sent to Australian Camps on SS Dunera

New research (2022) provides the details.

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On 10th June 1940 Italy renounced its previous neutrality and aligned with Hitler’s Germany. Immediately, UK Prime Minister Churchill issued the decree that all Italian nationals and sympathisers should be interned under a perceived but totally unsubstantiated Fifth Column threat.
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Arandora Star Remembered

International Conference held at The Italian Institute, London, November 2021

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