Alfonzino Pacitti

Alfonzino Pacitti

Alfonso Pacitti

12 Aug, 2013 10:52 am

Alfonzino (Fonzi) Pacitti was born in Aberdeen shortly after his parents, Nicantro and Grazia Antonia Pacitti, emigrated from Italy. Prior to his military service with the Royal Scots, Fonzi worked as an engineer at Weirs in Glasgow. After leaving the army, he learned to fly in his 30s.

He gave up flying for 14 years but got the bug again after watching a kit plane programme on TV. In 2004, he built his own plane and was still flying well into his 70s — an inspiration to everyone. The plane that he built, pictured here, had its own unique and most fitting call sign: G-FONZ.

Alfonzino recalls his first visit to Cerasuolo just after the war in this short article here