A Village in Crisis

Alfonso Pacitti

November 2012

The Gustav Line

In late 1943, Cerasuolo lay right in the middle between the Bernhardt and Gustav defensive lines. These lines were fortified with gun pits, concrete bunkers, turreted machine-gun emplacements, barbed-wire and minefields. 15 German divisions were employed in the defence. The Allies took six months to fight through the Winter Line, including the battles at Montecassino and Anzio.

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Memories of a Young Pharmacist

During 1943, a young pharmacist, Henri Louchet joined the French Expeditionary Corps.
This army was made up of Free French soldiers and fought in the Italian Campaign during WWII.

Henri witnessed fighting in Italy, France and Germany and he subsequently wrote a book about his exploits.

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Rebuilding Cerasuolo

Cerasuolo suffered greatly during the retaking of Italy by the Allies. The extent of the devastation and long lasting deprivation is evocatively described in the following extract from The Atlantic Monthly dated May 1948.

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Alfonzino Pacitti

Games in the Rubble

Alfonzino Pacitti was born in Glasgow of Cerasuolo parents. Alfonzino is mentioned in the subsequent chapter, Serendipity. His family home is still there in Cerasuolo, just off the main piazza. He recalled his first visit to Cerasuolo just after the war.

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