Joanna Pacitti

Joanna Pacitti

Alfonso Pacitti

In 1996, at the age of 12, Joanna Pacitti was chosen to star in the 20th anniversary revival of the musical Annie. Shortly before the show was to open on Broadway, she was terminated in her role. The firing generated national publicity. Joanna eventually settled out of court on undisclosed terms.

Joanna began pursuing a pop career during her teens. Her first single, ‘Let it Slide’ was released in 2006. Joanna was the lead singer of the band City (Comma) State, until they broke up in 2011.

Joanna Pacitti auditioned for the popular TV show ‘American Idol’ in January 2009. Her past accomplishments stirred debate about whether contestants should be strictly amateur performers. After she was due to advance into the Top 3. FOX stated that Pacitti was "ineligible to continue" and she was removed from the competition.

This photograph of Joanna comes from her Wikimedia entry.