Lucia Pacitti

Alfonso Pacitti

Lucia Pacitti was the mother of my nonna Giulia Tortolano (wife of Alfonso Pacitti). The Tortolani and Pacitti families were close friends while they lived in Cerasuolo and Lucia nd her husband Enrico Tortolano emigrated to Scotland in 1901 along with my Nonna Giulia (aged only 8)

An interesting connection...
Lucia's grandfather Raffaele Pacitto (1807-1865) was the elder brother of Antonio Pacitti (1809-1870). Antonio was the grandfather of my nonno Alfonso Pacitti, who married Lucia's daughter Giulia Tortolano.
So, my Nonno Alfonso's great grandfather and my Nonna Giula's great great grandfather are the same person - Pasquale Pacitto (1777-1850).
Pasquale was born at Agnone, Casale d'Atina while the Tortolanos also originate from Atina. Parts of both familes subsequently moved to Cerasuolo.